Electronic products seem to be synonymous with ugly, unnecessarily tedious, cut-your-hand-in-the-opening-process, wasteful plastic packaging. 

Then there's Apple.

Despite selling over 5.5 million Macbook's in Q1 of this year, the business with enough cash to pay for every student in the United States to go to Drexel (at $59,000 per yer) still pay upwards of $12 for each 4-color, double-walled, matte box with HD foam inserts.

apple packaging

"Thanks for being so considerate about my Apple packaging collection, Apple!" - This Guy

"You paid how much for the thing I just threw away?!" - Everyone Else

So, what does SPOR do differently?

In the words of Ecovative Design's co-founder Eben Bayer, "It's not like plastics are all bad, it's that they're fundamentally incompatible with the earth's biosphere."

That shouldn't be headline news. Then again there also shouldn't be a garbage island twice the size of France floating in the Pacific Ocean, but, unfortunately, there is. 

An ocean bird filled with plastic (Source: http://www.oceanvoyagesinstitute.org/)

At SPOR, we strongly believe that nature was the first technology. We strive to achieve harmony between the two dichotomies in everything we do; a portable battery with solar capabilities, eco-friendly packaging, bio-degradeable shell material options. 

Our goal when we were designing our sustainable packaging was for you to be able to toss it straight into your compost heap (barring the desire to start your own SPOR packaging collection).

100% bio-degradeable. Nothing less.

Here's how we went about it:

Mycelium Inserts

  • Description: Agricultural waste like corn husks are condensed into a block and mixed with mycelium (a.k.a. nature's glue). The molds are then baked in a low-temperature oven to halt the growth. 
  • Decomposition Time: ~ 3 months
  • Supplier: Ecovative Design via Sealed Air
ecovative 3.gif

(Source: http://america.aljazeera.com/)

Recycled Burlap Accessory Pouches

  • Description: These nifty little bags are sourced from coffee producing farmers all over the world, from Colombia to Kenya, and are upcycled by our friends in Vermont.
  • Decomposition Time:  Burlap ~3 months | Cotton Drawstring 1-5 months
  • Supplier: CB Sacks

Recycled Cardboard Boxes

  • Description: Just another box...made of 100% recycled content. 
  • Decomposition Time:  ~2 months
  • Supplier: Salazar Packaging

In no longer than 3 months, your SPOR packaging will be ready for you to catalyze your vegetable garden, or spruce up those flower beds.

And there we have it, our ecosystem of green, bio-degradeable, sustainable packaging.

Still, it's what's on the inside that counts, so if you haven't checked it out, give our solar powered phone charger a look-see.