When will SPOR be available?

Our current goal is fulfilling our several thousand Kickstarter orders, delivery beginning in Spring 2015. If you'd like one now, pre-orders are open and will be shipped out with the first delivery.


In nature a spore is a single celled organism that gives life to new creations. It can thrive under the harshest conditions and makes a way out of nothing to support life. It's portable life. SPOR gives power to your mobile life and can be connected with others to grow that power. It's highly durable and gives you power where you need it. It's portable solar energy, just like a spore. 


We developed this solution with the user in mind (because we are the users!). We built the product from the ground up, trying to keep it simple and open along the way. We keep on top of the latest innovations (3D printing, lithium batteries, etc) and using new assembly and packaging practices to make a more adaptable and responsible product. We traveled to the other side of the planet to source the best components because we were tired of over-priced products that break down after only weeks of use. We believe energy should be available when and where you need it, and that's what SPOR is, portable energy, plain and simple.   

How long will it take to charge?

The battery inside each SPOR is large. Charging the SPOR from a wall outlet will take between 2-3 hours. Passively charging your SPOR to full from direct sunlight will take several days, so it's better to think in terms of percentages. An hour in the sun will give your SPOR enough juice to power an iPhone about 6%, enough to take that epic selfie.

What are your plans for expansion? 

We are always looking into different distribution strategies and and opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with us, either as a retailer, international organization or individual "Ambassador" please reach out to us at sporchargers@gmail.com